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Heres the thing. Well one of many things that you will come to learn about me really. And come to think of it, if you have ever read my blog before, you probably already know this particular thing about me. I’m so in love with where I live. California is so beautiful. Always. But especially in the wintertime. Yet none of the decorations you buy in the store represent our unique way of ringing in winter. I mean really, I think starfish make the perfect Christmas stars and Outdoor shopping malls with kajillions (yes, kajillions) of shopping lights truly get me in the Christmas spirit. I digress. Thats the thing about me… well one of many things…

Anyways! Christmas is almost here and if your stockings are not yet hung by the chimney with care, I have the perfect mid-week craft for you! These starfish stocking holders are ridiculously cheap and easy, plus they are are perfect for those of us who want to deck the halls in a fresh way. Inspired by the lovely California climate that has made my holiday season oh-so-cheery, I present to you these beauties.

Level of difficulty: Easy

So, like I said… this is so easy! The first thing you have to do (assuming you bought your window molding pre-painted white, like I did) is spray paint your starfish and hooks gold; front, back, and sides.

While everything is drying you can stick four cabinet bumpers to the bottom of your moulding squares; one on each corner.

After your starfish are dry, place them on the moulding where you would like them and mark the placement with a pencil. Put a nice glob of hot glue on the spot that you marked and glue your starfish on. Don’t be afraid to use your starfish as a tool to get the glue right… glue will be getting on your starfish anyways.


By now your stocking holders should be shaping up pretty nice. It just needs the finishing touch- hooks. There are a variety of hooks out there… just be sure when you are buying them that:
A) they fit on the molding
B) you will not need to put a nail in that somehow sticks out of the moulding, and
C) that you like the way they look. They will be on the front of your stocking holders, after all.
So stick those babies on however the directions recommend…  or use hot glue like i did.

Enjoy your stocking holders and all the goodies they will hold on Christmas day.