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UPDATE: These are now available in my Etsy store 🙂 http://www.etsy.com/shop/craftycalicottage

I love weddings. It’s true. I am the person that volunteers  to show up early; I say it’s to help with the finishing touches, but really it’s to snag the front row seat before so-and-so’s grandmother gets there.

Weddings are one of those few, almost perfect things in life. A celebration of love and commitment… two ideas that have become increasingly undervalued. But for just one day, these values take center stage.

How do we celebrate this special occasion? By showering the lucky couple with gifts of course! For those of us who are torn between the point-and-choose thoughtlessness of the ever-present gift registry, and the chance that the thoughtfully chosen, beautiful plates we found at Pier 1 might clash with the bride and groom’s new kitchen, I propose a simple solution:

These are the perfect accompaniment to your registry gift. When you set your bag on the table with all the other expertly-wrapped purple and white gifts, your’s will blend in and stand out with the spoons tied on the outside of the bag. A special tribute to a special day.

Heres what you will need:

Carbon Paper
Your DesignsWooden Spoons
Wood Burner Kit
Fine Sandpaper (optional)

Level of difficulty: Easy

The first thing you need to do is print your designs. I suggest printing in greyscale. Not only does it save ink, it also helps when you are burning your design, since this type of wood burning will have a black and white effect.

If you choose to freehand your designs, there is no need to use the carbon paper technique. This results in a more finished look, but if you choose to freehand, more power to you.

I would suggest sanding the spoons a little. Smooth spoons will ensure that your wood burner won’t suddenly get stuck in the grain and veer off course, away from your intended design. I didn’t do this… but for the perfectionist out there, this might be a good idea.

Next, cut your designs apart. Cut as close to the edges of the design as possible. This way you will be able to see how the design is centered on the spoon without much guess work.

Play with your designs. Mix and match and lay them out on the spoons until you are satisfied. Then make a carbon sandwich. Tape the carbon paper, black side down, to the area of the spoon that you will be working with. Tape the design, print side up, on top of that.

Trace the designs through the carbon paper, onto the spoon.

A couple quick tips:

*If you have not worked with carbon paper before, do a test on a piece of paper to get the feel for how hard to press.
*Use a colored pen when you trace. You will be able to tell where you have been.

Peel off the design and carbon paper. You are left with an imprint of your design on the spoon. Heat up your wood burner- I use a thicker tip, it’s less precise but often easier to work with… almost like a ball point.

Trace the design with your wood burner. move quickly so you don’t burn a deep spot in the spoon. You can always go back for touch ups/ a second “coat.”

Ta- Da!

Keep going! Decorate the front, back, handles; what have you. Inscribe the wedding date, cute phrases, bible verses, hearts, patterns etc.

Here are how all of mine turned out:

Last but not least, tie on a bow, and attach to the handle of your gift bag. Enjoy the wedding and the possible adaptations for this fun project.